Danske Lotto Prizes and Odds

When most people think about Danske Lotto prizes they naturally tend to think about the biggest prize of all – the jackpot. Whilst the Danske Lotto jackpots are of course important, especially to those who are lucky enough to win one of them, there are many other prizes that can be won by players even if the jackpot eludes them. This is good news for everyone, because it means that playing Danske Lotto can be a profitable experience even if you don't manage to match all of the numbers that are drawn.

The prize levels offered by the Danske Lotto Saturday game and the odds of winning at each level are as follows:

Prize Level Odds of Winning
Match 7 numbers (Jackpot) 1 in 8,347,680
Match 6 numbers + Tillægstal 1 in 1,192,526
Match 6 numbers 1 in 42,590
Match 5 numbers 1 in 979
Match 4 numbers 1 in 65
Approximate overall odds of winning a prize: 1 in 61