Latest Eurojackpot Results

Eurojackpot is one of the biggest pan-European lottery games that is available to play in numerous countries across the continent. The lottery was first introduced in March 2012 and there are 18 different European countries that participate in the draws. Now, with thanks to the internet the EuroJackpot can be played by lottery fans all over the world. EuroJackpot plays once a week on a Friday night and the results from each weekly draw are available to view online shortly after the draw has taken place.

To play EuroJackpot all participants have to pick seven numbers; five main numbers from a range of 1 – 50 then two 'Euro' numbers from a selection of 1 - 10. The top prize in the EuroJackpot is always worth a minimum of €10 million and to win players need to match the five plus two combination that's drawn, but if no one wins the jackpot then it rolls over to the following draw. This facility allows the EuroJackpot to reach impressive heights if it rolls over multiple times.

In the EuroJackpot there isn't just a top prize available to win but also many additional prizes on offer to those players that don't quite manage to match the five plus two number combination drawn. Therefore players can start to win a EuroJackpot prize for just matching two of the main numbers and one Euro number drawn in the EuroJackpot results. There are different values attached to each of the prizes which means that even if you fall short of winning the jackpot you could still become a winner in one of the remaining EuroJackpot prize tiers.