How to Play Danske Lotto

To play the Danske Lotto Saturday game you need to choose seven main numbers from 1 to 36, One bonus number, known as Tillægstal, is also drawn at random for the second prize tier. The jackpot can be won by matching all seven main numbers.

Players who do not match enough numbers to win the jackpot but still manage to match four or more main numbers will win a consolation prize, as detailed on our Danske Lotto Prizes page. You can either enter by picking your numbers online, or filling out a playslip at an authorised ticket retailer in Denmark.

Playing Danske Lotto Online

Playing Danske Lotto online is easy. Simply decide which numbers you want to play, enter them into an online playslip, select the number of draws that you want those numbers to be played for, and submit your entry. When you have purchased your tickets in this way you will have just as much chance of winning as anyone who plays the game offline. Even better, because your tickets are personally associated with you, there is no risk of losing them, and if any of your entries wins a prize your will automatically be notified of that fact by email!