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The Onsdags Lotto game is also known in many countries as the 'Viking Lotto' because it is played not only in Denmark but also in Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. The jackpot in this game has a minimum value of kr. 7,000,000 and players have to correctly match six numbers from the range 1 to 48 to win it.

Although the Onsdags Lotto is played in Denmark it is also played in other Scandinavian and European countries under the moniker "Viking Lotto", which launched in 1993. The Viking Lotto has eight countries that all participate in this lottery, however each country has its own rules and regulations surrounding the game as well as additional prizes in some cases.

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Wednesday - September 20th 2017
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To win the Onsdags Lotto jackpot you need to match up all six numbers drawn in the results with the ones on your ticket. The jackpot in this weekly draw is always worth a minimum of kr. 7,000,000, however if you find that you don't quite match all of the numbers drawn in the Onsdags Lotto results then there are also various other prizes to win by matching just a few of the numbers.

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